From Hello Stranger to Hello Boyfriend

PART 1 of 3

Nothing can stop God’s plan for your life. – Isaiah 14:27

I remained single for quite a while. I’ve never been into relationships that much. I never dated that much. Not because I fear of having one but because I was waiting for the right ONE. I wanted my next ONE to be the LAST. The one who I can share my whole life with and to be called the father of my children (God be willing). We all have those kind of dreams, right ladies? And because of that, I’d like to share the whole story and experiences I had with my long distance relationship.

After my failed LDR last 2012, I promised to myself to never put myself again in the same struggle & risks of a long distance relationship. It’s never easy. It’s not for everyone. It’s not for the coward. It’s not for the weak. God always has plans for us. And then sometime May 2014, a dear friend of mine introduced me to her cousin through Facebook. She told me that her cousin was lonely and needed somebody to talk to, a friend. She must have chosen me since I can converse well with anybody and of course the fact that I’m still single. My friends that time were so eager and excited for me to have a boyfriend. Napag-iiwanan na daw kasi ako.

After a few days, her cousin and I got connected via Facebook. We chatted but not so often. He’s quite the silent guy and didn’t chat that much. He refused to share his details especially his location. I didn’t mind to ask since I didn’t really care that much. Days went by, our communication went along and later on found out that we’re not on the same timezone. Okay okay that’s fine, this guy needed a friend. Later on, I’ve noticed that he’s kind of an introvert person and a little bit of a pessimist. I don’t need that kind of negativity in my uneventful life that time. So I was very honest and frank and told him it won’t work that way. Couldn’t imagine how a guy like him thinks below of himself knowing he’s been lucky enough to find fortune for his career in a good paying country. All he needed to do is to work for it but I know eventually he’ll shine.  But of course I understand that there’s always a time when we can’t find that confidence. I have my own moment for that too. Surprised by how he got pissed of what I’ve said (couldn’t remember the exact words). He stopped chatting. This guy has an attitude huh. I can’t recall what happened next but he began chatting again. I don’t mind talking to him just please no negativity.

Just a little background about him on our first days/months, I’ve known him as a PH registered nurse. He’s the oldest in the family and has one younger sister who’s still in college. He’s a year older than me. I had to ask about the height though lol. He’s taller than me! I didn’t like his Facebook profile since it has a lot of wacky pose. They have three dogs including a Husky and a few cats. I’m impressed by his pet lover family up to now. They’re good people. He was six or seven years single that time.

Sometime July of the same year, my Mother was admitted to the hospital in Ozamiz City. He’s been there for me (at least virtually). I appreciated that a lot. I needed someone to talk to & to share my worries. He was patient and kind. He helps me with some tips and reminders for the betterment of Mamang’s health. It meant a lot for me that he was there at the time when I felt weak. A message from someone is so powerful in times of difficulty.

The communication went on smoothly and constantly. I started to like it (talking to him). I don’t normally spend a second if I don’t really like what I’m doing or who I’m talking. There came my birthday on August 2014 and his birthday on October of the same year (exchanging of greetings). Two singles with the age of 25 & 26 talking. I also wouldn’t miss the day when we first had a Skype video call. It was at the house of my friend’s Uncle in Camella Subdivision in Puan, Davao City. It was last October 18. He was surprised coz I guess I dialed it first. I was in Davao to process my application for DCWD. Christmas 2014 passed by. Welcomed New Year of 2015.

Here goes Valentine’s Day 2015! Hurray! Vdays didn’t matter to me at all because I have no boyfriend. Did you know I never got to experience a date on a VDay? 😦 To my surprised I received a bouquet of roses from him, delivered straight in my office a day before the VDay! I felt like I’m the most special girl on that day! He’s still unemployed that time and that made the roses more beautiful. He saved his money, saved a gas in order to buy a bouquet. Wasn’t that so heartwarming? I was overjoyed and posted a blog regarding that special day.

Not sure if it was March or February 2015 that he took an exam and I posted on his timeline a simple message to cheer him up. He loved it and said that it made him do his best on the exams. He passed the exam because of me, that’s what he kept on saying. I didn’t take credits coz after all he was the one who took the exam and not me. But still, it warms my heart to hear that he appreciated it and that simple message helped him a lot. I know how it feels like to have nobody to cheer on me when I needed it the most.

I can’t really recall when was it that he expressed his feelings towards me, that he began to like me. I’m not sure if it was before my birthday month or after. But yes, he expressed his feelings and I allowed him to court me thought I had doubts. That’s when I remembered, if ever he captures my heart, this will be a long distance relationship. 😦 I wasn’t sure about that. I wasn’t sure about entering again to a relationship that is unsure, so risky than the normal relationship. I asked to myself, why am I always destined to have a LDR? I wanted to date the real one not on mobile phones and computer screens. 😦 So I told him that I can only answer him if he’ll prove his worth and feelings in me personally. That means, we’ll be waiting for that day when he can go home here and see me. That day was still unsure and unknown. I made it clear that its really different when its personal rather than online.

On May 29, 2015, the movie San Andreas was released. I watched it in the cinema with my friends.  Its plot centers on an earthquake caused by the San Andreas Fault devastating Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area where he lives somewhere near. After watching it, I’ve come to realize that what if this natural calamities strike? We’ll never know coz only God knows. It is possible anytime, anywhere. I already had feelings for him and just waiting for the right time, just waiting for him to come home. The movie made me realize that why we always wait? Why don’t we make time for it? We’ve wasted so many tomorrows of waiting. I thought about it a thousand times. Should I wait for him to come home first before I answer him?

We’ve been very sweet to each other already even we’re still at the courting stage. I was updated with all his whereabouts. It doesn’t feel like we’re in a different timezone. I consulted my Mother for the decision I’m going to make. She was excited for me to have a boyfriend despite the distance. Mom said if he makes me happy, if he is a good man then do not hesitate. I was looking for the right timing. My birthday on August 2015 came and he sent me another bouquet of roses even sent me some extra cash for me to celebrate the day and buy  something for me. I bought a watch which I am still using up to now. Despite the gifts he gave, I was still worried about this thing I’m going in. Am I ready for another LDR? I was thinking that I might give him my answer on my birthday but then I changed it. I wouldn’t want to remember an ex boyfriend every future birthdays if ever we can’t make it to forever. 😀 So I decided to give him my answer a month in between our birthdays.

It was September 8, 2015 that I agreed to him to be his girlfriend. It was a surprise since he was at work that time and was waiting for him to go online during his break. It was a very calm day at work. I can still recall how it feels like while I was typing my message for him. It was a happy and firm decision and I’ll never regret it. Finally, I got myself a boyfriend! Unfortunately he’s far away!  But I was ready. I knew what I’m into. I knew it’s never going to be easy. I knew there will be those struggles along the way. I trusted him since the day he comforted me through chat when my mother was in the hospital. I came to believe that he’s going to be a good man for me. It will be a long journey but I have faith we can make it. I believe in him. I believe when he said “I love you Mavs.” to me. I believe he’s God answered prayer for me…

Part 1 of 3


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