Where Did Time Go? 

I’m surprised it’s already Friday. Another week had passed. June is almost ending. It’s been half a year since I lost my job. My online job, even though it’s part-time but I got two. Just enough to support my stay here while waiting for my job applications. I guess I can still call myself blessed.

Where did time go? Time has flown so fast than I imagined. Thinking about it now, I think I have missed the days of my life. It has been a tough first half of the year both of my career and relationship. I’m not in control of this fate. I’m lifting it all to God.

No matter what I do and how much I try, a stable career remains just a dream. Maybe my resume isn’t that comprehensive. Maybe I’m not that good on job interviews? Maybe I’m not good enough. Maybe I need to try harder. But God knows, I’ve tried.

My relationship with my boyfriend this past six months has been the toughest since we’re together. We fight a lot. We misunderstood each other all the time. We missed to do something for each other. With all these trials, it feels like our relationship is falling apart. Our love is always being tested, always been. I don’t know how far we’ll go. What a relief he’s coming home and I hope we can really talk about things. Maybe we can figure things out about our relationship.

Six months have gone. Another six months to go. I hope this year won’t end with nothing. I hope for better days. I hope for brighter tomorrows. I pray for a stable job. I pray for a better & stronger relationship. I pray for good health for my family.

I must not lose my faith and believe that something great is about to happen. I may not be where I wanted to be but I know God will lead me the way. Still, thank you Lord. It must have been tough to hear all my prayers but I know You will always guide me to better things.

Lastly, want to make my parents proud of me. 😦


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