Precious Friends 

As I get older, I realized that its not about how many friends I’ve got but who will always be there through good and bad.

At this chapter of my life, I get discouraged and hopeless easily. It’s been six months already of job hunting. It’s really frustrating. My mood and temper are affected because of my situation.

When I overthink at night, God never forget to remind me how blessed I am despite what I’m going through. I’ve been blessed with my two part time online jobs. Not much pay but can cater my basic needs while waiting for a job. Thank you Lord! 

 Just this week, a friend of mine sent me a message about not giving up, not forcing myself because my opportunities will come at the right time. I felt so touched because that was unexpected from him and my heart felt so blessed. A simple words of encouragement can save a person. 

Last week, I was talking to a dear friend. Yes, I’ve shared this kind of problem a thousand times already but she’s always there to listen and give advices. I’m blessed by our friendship. We only met once but we are already connected as if we’ve known each other for so long. Despite her busy schedule and different timzone, I can still talk to her the way we used to be. 

Tonight, my other friend sent me a message again about some job opportunities. She told me to stay positive at all times. God is bigger. Amen! Though we only meet each other three times, she became a big sister to me. I wish her well always. A mother of one with a lupus. She’s a fighter and she inspires me. We share love and career problems at times. Feels good having an Ate in her.

With another Ate also who helped me with my withdrawals with no hesitations. Immediately did the favor for me. No questions from her. No wonder she’s been blessed enough. Until next banking sesh Ate! She’s always been there too. She offered help next time I get to transact with Paypal again. You are blessed because you help people Ate. 

Last weekend, I went to the beach with my dear college friends together with their families. As I’ve posted in my Facebook, a much needed day out and laughter achieved! It was such a great day for me. So happy to be with them. I barely see them even when we are on the same city. But I hope they understand my situation. You know it just feel so good knowing that even after a long time, we are still friends. I felt their love and concern for me when I had migraine on the way home.

There’s always these two girls also who likes annoying me. I know its their way to show love. Thank God we remained good friends even after I left my previous job. 

Blessed people are those who share unconditionally. Those who help people in need will be given bounty from God. I thank God for giving me this kind of people. They inspire me a lot. 

Someday, I can and I will share too and these people are on my first list. I’ll return the favor I promise! You are all heaven sent! 

I pray that the Lord will continue to bless my friends. Guide them and watch over them Lord. They are some of my treasures that any amount cannot afford.

Mubalos lang ko puhon sa inyong mga kaayo. God bless you all my dear friends. 


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