Worried Sick

Dear Lord God,

As the days go by, my worries get stronger. You know how I feel more than anybody else in this world. I am so worried sick I couldn’t help but cry. I already don’t know what to do. I’m so confused. This feeling’s’ so heavy I wanna scream. I couldn’t eat well like I used to these past few months and I’m losing a little weight.

Lord, please forgive me for the wrong I’ve done. I am a sinner and just human. I always pray for this ever since I learn how to pray. I may be able to forget a few times to call out Your name but I always have faith in You. I am sorry for not being able to attend Sunday masses all the time and to preach Your good news.

Lord, I am always asking for this. You’ve heard and answered this always. I humbly ask of Your mercy and healing. Please heal my Mamang. 😦 She called tonight and I felt her worries about her wound. I couldn’t help but get angry because she lacks positivity but deep inside I am crying and wanting to be with her. I wanna be the one to take care of her but what can I do? I need to work in order to earn for her future check ups. We don’t have much Lord. My prayers are always good health for my parents even we are poor, even we don’t have much but as long as we’re in good shape and health, I am already contented.

I am so confused. I wanna be there but I can’t because of work. If I spend more leave from work, I don’t have much to receive and that would be another problem. This problems are consuming me Lord. I am the kind of person who wants always the positivity and hopes. But in times like this, my worries and sadness are slowly eating me whole that I even find myself staring to nowhere, thinking about nothing.

Lord, I am begging for always, please ease the worries of my Mother. Please heal her wounds. Kindly bring to us Your Holy Spirit and enlighten our hearts. Please make my Mamang and Papang healthier. Please guide us always. Please protect us always. Please ease our worries.

I am the only child, what am I without them? Lord, I am alone while writing this from the bottom of my heart. You see me now I am crying. I know you’re always there. You never left my prayers unanswered. I trust in You Lord. Please hear my prayers.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.



PS: Apology for wrong grammar and spellings. #WrittenFromTheHeart


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