Our Baby – Ashley Samantha

Her name is Ashley Samantha, born on October 9, 2011 in General Santos City. When I first heard your heartbeat, it gave me joy and lots of excitement. That excitement didn’t fade away until now and I think it just grow stronger each and everyday. I am longing to hold you in my arms, tickle you, make you smile and even hear your cry as you wish to have your milk. Ashley I really wanna see you in person and so with your Daddy and Mommy who I love so dearly also. I saw your Mommy’s tummy become bigger as you grow inside of her womb. I prayed a lot for your safety and your mother’s safety because I knew it was hard for every one of us at first. You are very beautiful and you’re such an angel to the family.

You look like more of your Daddy but I know you will share a lot of your Mommy’s attitude too. You’ll be healthy, you’ll be good, you’ll have a better future because everybody loves you. Lots of people can’t wait to get a chance to hold you. I’m always looking at your pictures in Facebook and really looking forward to see you on December before this year ends.

We love you baby! Grow up fast with love around you and with all the graces God will offer for you baby. ā™„ Pretty sure you’ll bring lots of joy for all of us. šŸ™‚


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